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DNS records are simple instructions related to a particular domain. Additionally, they provide important information about it, such as what is its corresponding IP address or how to handle requests for that domain. All of the DNS records are collected in a file in the DNS zone, and they are stored in an authoritative DNS server.

There are a lot of different DNS record types, and each one of them has its own specific purpose. For that reason, it is crucial to understand what is the goal of each DNS record. That way, you could manage your DNS without any difficulties.

Here are some of the most common DNS record types:

A record: This record shows which is the corresponding IPv4 address for the particular domain (or subdomain).
SOA record: It has the purpose to show the primary name server, and it also holds crucial information about the domain and contact information for the DNS administrator.
PTR record: This record points an IP address to its associated domain name.

In case you are interested, and you want to learn more, we suggest you find out which are the most common DNS record types!